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Cumberland Sauce
Glossy and burgundy-colored from a splash of Port, this traditional English sweet-and-sour sauce turns pork tenderloin into an elegant entree. Delicious with pork or game, this red currant jelly and orange based sauce can be used as a glaze for ham.

Imported from Scotland, the Mrs. Bridges collection is crafted using classic methods. An authentic approach means that they use the time-honored, slow boiling, open-pan method of making sauces and preserves in the traditional copper bottom pans. The family-run company is based in Arbroath on the east coast of Scotland. Mrs. Bridges' products are all manufactured with no additives, preserving tradition and, more importantly, rich flavor. With the best of Scottish soft fruits on the doorstep in the berry fields of Scotland, Mrs. Bridges' recipes use only the highest quality crops to produce a notably superior collection of food gifts. As Mrs Bridges herself would say, "The difference is in the taste."