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Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Smoked Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from fresh, premium California olives. Their unique cold-smoking process (patent pending) preserves the flavors and integrity of the olive oil, for quality you can taste. Available in two varieties:
  • Sonoma: the award winning Sonoma blend has a bold smokey flavor, with a subtle olive finish. This naturally wood-smoked extra virgin olive oil is extraordinary drizzled over shrimp, steaks, or roasted artichokes
  • Napa: This blend has a light smoky flavor, with a robust olive finish. For those who love a more pronounced olive flavor, this is a superb, award-winning olive oil! Napa is irresistible when drizzled over most pasta dishes and sumptuous on vine-ripened tomatoes or roasted asparagus. Try mixing it with mayonnaise for dipping artichokes and you'll never turn back!
Varieties Sold Separately.