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Bruschetta by Vino de Milo
Fresh, aromatic flavors fill this all-natural spread. Often served as a snack in Italy, bruschetta is simply toasted bread dressed up! Preparation is simple: Brush olive oil on one side of baguette slices cut 1/2" thick. Toast until just golden brown, then top with this delicious Vino de Milo bruschetta and serve immediately.
  • Artichoke Garlic: Whole chunks of artichoke hearts, fresh garlic, fresh herbs, and a light pinot grigio wine all combine to create a delicious, savory bread topping with amazing versatility.
  • Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato: Only the best ingredients fill this amazing bread topping. Ohio-grown tomatoes, Ohio-made Dijon mustard, fresh herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, a splash of Chianti wine, and a bit of heat make this a spread to savor.
  • Tomato Basil: The newest addition to their best-selling bruschetta line-up is the classic version hand-crafted with premium, fresh ingredients, including locally-grown tomatoes & fresh basil.
  • Roasted Red Pepper: Milo's newest flavor, this bruschetta is packed with smokey sweet roasted red peppers. Perfect as a starter, topping grilled chicken, or mixed with pasta.

Varieties sold separately.