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Grate Britain Cheese Crackers
In the food inventory of Britain's finest culinary traditions alongside roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, sit iconic cheeses like Cheddar and Stilton, and lest we forget, their recognized flair for making delicious crackers. So we are flying the flag with the 3 new crackers that are all true Brit. First they take traditional, properly made cheese and freshly grate it for every batch. They also use the best English flour, butter, and cream. They are very generous-- no corner-cutting--- and hand-bake their crackers for a homemade taste.

Serve with a very English Gin and Tonic, a pint of real ale, or your favorite tipple or snifter. There are 3 cheese crackers in the range:

  • All-British Cheddar Crackers made with freshly grated Wookey Hole Cave-Aged Cheddar.
  • All-British Stilton Crackers made with freshly crumbled Long Clawson Blue Stilton ®
  • All-British Smoked Cheese Crackers made with freshly grated Dorset Red.
Varieties sold separately.

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