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Hickory and Maple Smoked Vermont Cheddar by Sugarbush Farm
Slow smoked at low temperatures, this sharp cheddar gets a boost of flavor from a few hours in the Sugarbush Farm smokehouse. Hickory adds a warm, robust flavor, while maple wood adds a smoky sweetness. Together, these smoke flavors make this cheddar the perfect partner for salami, mustard, and good, dark bread. It also melts well over a pot of chili or baked beans.

Sugarbush Farm is a 550 acre hillside farm located in central Vermont. The Luces are the second, third, and fourth generations to live on this land. Jack and Marion Ayres bought the farm in 1945 with a dream to make a go of country living. They were the first folks in Vermont to start packaging cheese in waxed bars so they would travel well without refrigeration. By 1975 the Boston Globe wrote about Sugarbush Farm "At the end of a scenic Vermont road lies a Cheese Lovers paradise." In 1995 the American Cheese Society awarded Sugarbush Farm a Blue ribbon for the best smoked cheese in the country.

This hickory-smoked cheddar from Vermont won first place in the American Cheese Society's national judging.

  • Made with pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 8 ounce form of cheese.