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Kusmi Tea Bags
This tea was first created in 1867 in St Petersburg, Russia by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff, one of the greatest ancient tea purveyors. His company, Kusmi Tea, provided teas to the Tzars until the Russian Revolution. Re-established in Paris in 1920, Kusmi is the only remaining genuine Russian tea company, and carries on as in former times, providing great teas to people with discerning tastes. Long famous for its delicate blends, they are the only firm offering authentic original Russian blends from the Nineteenth century. All the scents for the teas come from Grasse - the famous French flower center.
  • Zoubrovka is a blend of the finest whole leaf China and India teas, scented with buffalo grass. Buffalo grass is also known as sweetgrass, Mary's grass or Zoubrovka. It is renowned for its fresh, grassy smell and is used in Russia strewn on church steps for Saints' Days. You might also have heard of Zoubrovka in terms of buffalo grass vodka. Many Russians still flavor their vodka with stalks of this aromatic grass. Its beautiful scent comes from a chemical called coumarin which is an anti-coagulant. Kusmi Zoubrovka is a lovely, light, fresh-flavored tea with an aromatic bouquet to welcome in the spring.
  • Petrushka is a soothing blend of Ceylon and China tea with cardamom, cloves, almonds and rose.
  • Prince Vladimir makes a great breakfast tea. Made with a blend of Ceylon and China teas with scents of orange, lemon, vanilla, and grapefruit.
  • Samovar is a very subtle blend of Chinese and Indian tea that is lightly smoky.
  • Anastasia is a blend of black teas from China and Sri Lanka flavored with bergamot, lemon, and orange blossom. Delicious as iced tea on hot summer days!
  • St. Petersburg is a blend of black teas from China flavored with citrus fruits, red fruits, and caramel. This delightful tea was created in honor of the tercentenary of the city of St. Petersburg, where the story of Kusmi Tea first began back in 1867.
20 bags per box. Varieties sold separately.

Out of Stock Varieties:Zoubrovka, Prince Vladimir, Samovar, Anastasia, St. Petersburg