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Organic Fair Trade Mexican Chiapas Whole Bean Coffee - Decaf
Using the Swiss Water Method, these beans retain all their flavor and are naturally rinsed of 99.9% of caffeine. These big, tasty Mexican beans come from the Mut Vitz ('Hill of Birds') Coffee Cooperative in the Northern Highlands of Chiapas. Like other indigenous peoples of Mexico, the Tzotzil farmers of Mut Vitz are under intense pressure from the government and the international corporate world to give up their identities and their lands. The pressures are as indirect as the international market price and the destruction of traditional landholding laws in Mexico, and as direct as armed incursions into the villages and the theft of their coffee harvest by paramilitaries. The beans are large and smooth, making for easy roasting. They have excellent aroma, medium body with slight acidity. A mellow coffee with a softly sweet flavor, these are the perfect beans for starting your morning.

Certified Kosher by Vaad ha Kashruth of Springfield, Massachusetts. Whole Bean Coffee.