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Organic Maple Syrup from New Brunswick by Coulis Divin
From the deep forests of New Brunswick comes this rare and exceptional Organic Maple Syrup. Located just above Maine and to the west of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick is a pristine environment and perfectly suited to the production of syrup. This organic maple syrup is made by L'Erabliere de la Montagne Verte, "The Green Mountain Maple Grove." Their syrup is derived from the primary processing of the sap drawn from their maple forest in northwestern New Brunswick, where the soil, temperature, and sun are particularly suitable for growth of these magnificent trees. It takes 40 liters of sap to make one liter of exceptional, golden syrup. A pure, natural, maple syrup with a light flavor and velvety texture, this syrup contains no preservatives or chemicals. A very versatile product, this syrup can be used in many dishes and culinary creations to replace sugar or simply to give an exquisite, woodsy and sweet taste that will impress your guests.