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Portuguese Fleur de Sel by Prisca
Casa da Prisca offers a range of high-quality fleur de sel from Portugal. This hand-harvested salt is prized as the perfect seasoning for culinary creations. With no added chemicals or iodine, this sea salt is an ideal replacement for refined salt, with a naturally more intense flavor than refined salt. In addition to the fact that you can use less salt in your dishes, the explosion of flavour in your food will amaze your guests. This sea salt is also available mixed with herbs for the perfect seasonsing on salads, meat, and fish dishes.

Casa da Prisca are located in Trancoso, Portugal. A land endowed with a mountainous climate, Trascoso has hot, dry summers and harsh winters. This beautiful, dramatic landscape is the "Terra Fria" (cold zone) of the northern part of the Beirã region, spanning from Beira Transmontana and the adjacent municipalities of the Vale do Côa region. An area with frequent frosts and extended dry seasons, it was important to learn how to preserve the seasons bounty with jams, preserves, and condiments. The tradition, know-how and reputation of Casa da Prisca's products are the result of a love of gastronomy and using the local gifts of the land. These desires have been deep-rooted in the family for several decades. Production of preserves and condiments have been running continuously since 1917 with the lessons, philosophy and pleasure of transforming the best fruits, vegetables, and dairy products passed on from parents to children and from children to grandchildren over four generations.

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