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Marzipan Assortment by Niederegger
This large assortment includes all the favorite marzipan flavors and varieties that have made Niederegger the leading producer of top-quality German marzipan. This gift box is perfect for the true marzipan connoisseur, or perhaps a family with a gourmet sweet-tooth. Marzipan originated in the Orient and made its way to Europe during the Crusades. Luebeck, a port city on the Baltic Sea in northern Germany, became the capital of marzipan production in Germany. It is now over 200 years, that Niederegger has been producing world-famous marzipan delicacies. The quality of marzipan is judged by the amount of sugar in the product. Niederegger uses 100% marzipan paste, with no added sugar. A secret ingredient similar to rose water is added to the marzipan paste to give the Niederegger marzipan a note of distinction.