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Organic Raw Chia Seeds
The tiny chia seed (Salvia hispanica) hails from Mexico, where it is a closely related member of the mint family. Chia Seeds absorb ten times their weight in water, making you feel fuller, so you eat less. Chia Seeds are the richest plant source of Omega-3. This nutrient protects your body from inflammation-such as arthritis-and heart disease. Chia seeds also have among the highest antioxidant activity of any whole food -- even more than fresh blueberries. You can add ground chia seeds to your cereal, baked goods, or blend into smoothies. They have a mild, nutty flavor and tender crunch.

Nutritionists have long touted the health benefits of raw foods. The "Raw" logo indicates that the food was not heated above 118 F, which is the temperature at which many beneficial enzymes are believed to be destroyed. Raw foods contain more usable nutrients than their "cooked" counterparts, along with being easily absorbed by the body.