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Size: 6 pounds
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Brie Coupe 60% by Ovation
This whopper of a Brie weighs in at 6 lbs! An impressive centerpiece at your next fete!

Made by Fromagerie Rouzaire in the heart of the Brie area (1 hour from Paris in the Seine et Marne area in Tournan en Brie), Rouzaire are a third generation, independent, family-owned dairy and cellars. Makers of Brie de Meaux A.O.P., Rouzaire has made it possible for Americans to enjoy this velvety bloomy-rinded cheese. Brie de Meaux is traditionally made with unpasteurized cow's milk and aged under 60 days. Fromage de Meaux is its pasteurized twin brother. Fromage de Meaux, like Brie de Meaux is rich, creamy, buttery with a lovely balanced mushroomy finish. As it ages, the downy white rind will develop light red patches. Enjoy with Champagne, a red Bordeaux or French Burgundy.