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Organic Artisan Salame by Olli Salumeria
Olli Salumeria is proudly committed to supporting the practices of good animal welfare and sustainable farming. Their line of superior tasting organic salame is created with the finest heritage breed pork acquired from environmentally responsible farmers who share Olli's passion for quality cured meats. Their organic hogs are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, are antibiotic-free and have never been given growth promotants. Available in three varieties:
  • Organic Norcino: A classic Italian Salame with mild spice. Its casing is gently sprayed with an edible white mold as a natural preservative.
  • Organic Chorizo: The most famous Spanish salami, Chorizo is flavored with spicy smoked paprika, giving it a bright red color and a uniquely Spanish character.
  • Organic Molisana: Noticeably flavored with pepper and garlic, this popular Italian salame is also sprayed with an edible white mold that acts as a natural preservative.
Certified USDA Organic