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Pont L'Eveque AOP by Graindorge
One of the world's ancient cheeses, Pont L'Eveque dates back to the thirteenth century. Made by Graindorge on the coast of Normandy, Pont L'Eveque is rare among cheeses in that it is formed into a square rather than round shape. Pale yellow in color with a white-orange rind, it is a very rich and soft cheese with a supple, yet firm consistency. It is well known for its delicate bouquet, which is said to be reminiscent of the Norman countryside. However, it does tend to have a strong, pungent aroma that is not for the timid. The flavor is creamy and full-bodied, especially if you choose to eat the rind. (Some prefer to trim it). Packed in its own little wooden box and aged for 45 days, Pont L'Eveque is a cheese the French are very proud to call their own. Best when eaten at room temperature.
  • Best enjoyed within seven days of delivery.
  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Whole form is 3 pounds.