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Fruit & Spice Variety Pack (20 Teabags)
A great way to sample these great tasting fruit teas, each variety Pack contains 5 teabags each of Blackcurrant Bracer, Lime & Lemon Zest, Apple & Cinnamon, and Orange Spicer.

This British tea company’s philosophy is to create great tasting blends that are good for you. In their dedication to delivering this sensory experience, they have developed a unique process that creates a range of fruity flavors that not only smell fantastic, but taste great too.

London Fruit and Herb teas come in a wide selection of flavors and variety packs for multiple sampling. London Fruit and Herb Company herbal and fruit tea offerings are caffeine-free and gluten-free. The green tea offerings do contain caffeine as they are blended with pure tea leaves.