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Friend in Cheeses Jams
In late 2009, after years of creating homemade condiments for various wine clubs and classes, and fielding hundreds of requests, Tabitha Stroup, of Friend in Cheese, started to produce small batches of her jams and jellies under the moniker, "Tabitha’s Appropriate Jams." Broadsided by the immediate popularity and demand, that early incarnation grew quickly into Friend in Cheeses Jam Company. Using the best Santa Cruz has to offer, she creates the perfect partner for cheese with these jams. These jams are perfect to serve alongside a cheese platter, to spread on bread with a grilled cheese or Panini, or to make an exceptional bread-and-butter pudding. Available in the following flavors:
  • Rosie’s Hip Jelly: A hint of cinnamon, a dash of tea, and rose hips. A perfect fit on toast or an English muffin, this jam also plays well with spring’s fresh cheeses, like chevre, ricotta, and turns into a wonderful friend in a piled-high turkey sandwich.
  • Salted Watermelon Jelly: The summertime staple of watermelon gets a slightly savory note with a bit of sea salt. This bright pink jam looks like kids play, but it's a classy way to twist the old melon-and-prosciutto duo in a jelly and ham pannini.
  • Onion Jam: Onion and jam, words not often heard together. Today this changes. Rich, sweet, and savory onions with a touch of curry and a kiss of cinnamon. Use this jam to top a grilled cheese, glaze a pork roast, or serve with Point Reyes Blue, Parmigiano Reggiano, pate, or salumi.
  • Electric Beetroot Confiture: Golden beets are shredded and cooked down with citrus, pink peppercorns, thyme and vanilla. Expect the unexpected with this wildly original jam. But you can bet it's delicious, especially with a turkey and swiss. Or serve alongside farmhouse bread and a beautiful hunk of Comte cheese.
  • Strawberry Tarragon: The sweetness of sun-kissed strawberries meets the herbalicious flavor of French Tarragon in this sophisticated jam. Make yourself a grown-up PB&J with almond butter and this jelly, or serve it with aged sheep’s milk cheeses.
  • Carrot Marmalade: All summer these mighty roots have been growing just in time for fall’s harvest. Carrots, citrus, and spice, what else do you need for that turkey Sammy or chunk of cheddar? Pair with cheddar, Grana Padano, or a beautiful, last-of-season chevre.
  • Lavender Plum Jelly: French plums and lavender – every batch of this jelly has its own jewel tone from nature’s amazing prism. The season is short and this jelly won’t last long. Why not save a lil’ summer for stormy nights? Pair with French toast, yoghurt, aged gouda.
  • Pisco Pear Butter: Made from organic French butter pears and seasoned with brown sugar, spices, and Pisco - a Peruvian distilled brandy made from grapes. Savor this Pisco Pear Butter with a good wedge of blue, or on a slice of black pepper brioche.
  • Pinot Cherries: The medley of dried Montmorency cherries, black pepper, citrus and Pinot Noir makes for the quintessential pairing . There is not a meat, cheese or cocktail that this baby can't uplift. Je ne sais quoi quality to keep the culinary imagination on point.
  • Forbidden Fruit Marmalade: Made from Minola grapefruit, seasonal oranges, pink lemon, cane sugar, ghost chili (bhut jolokia), sea salt and spring water. This tart and tangy concoction ends with a warming wave of heat due to the addition of the ghost chili. Pair it with a dark chocolate scone, a creamy sheep's milk blue cheese, or an aged pecorino.

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