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First Fresh 3 Village Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Bill Sanders joined Manfredi Barbera, a fourth generation producers of world class olive oil from Sicily, to craft this extra virgin olive—the 3 Village Blend—an exclusive blend of three olive varieties produced by cooperatives in three Mediterranean villages from the three largest olive oil producing countries in the world - Koroneiki from the village of Kalamata (Peloponnese), Greece; Arbequina from Ecija (Andalusia), Spain; and Coratina from Andria, (Puglia), Italy — The magic of 3!

Each olive variety lends something special: fruity and herbaceous aromas, rich taste, and a spicy finish of pepper and almonds.The pepper is a sign of freshness, those heart-kickin' polyphenols are your ticket to great flavor and a healthy lifestyle. Fresh is best, and we only offer oil from the most recent harvest year to ensure you get all the flavor and goodness you’re looking for.

The Three Village Blend (3VB) is intended to be your all-purpose workhorse in the kitchen—cooking, marinades, salads, drizzling, and baking. To maintain a youthful appearance, don’t forget to keep a bottle in your bathroom to rub into your hair and on your skin.

The 3VB has Kosher supervision by Shield Star K.