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Sitka Spruce Tip Flake by Alaska Pure Sea Salt
Sitka Spruce tree is native to the Coastal Rainforest of Northwest Alaska. For generations the tips have been used as a natural ingredient in syrup, jam, beer and now sea salt. Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co.'s Spruce Tip Salt is made by infusing the hand picked, bright green spring Spruce tips into this light salt flakes. Nothing else is added. With a distinct citrus and herbal flavor, it pairs well with seafood, chicken, pork, beef, vegetables and even popcorn.

Alaska Pure Sea Salt Company produces flake style finishing salt straight from the pristine waters of Sitka, Southeastern Alaska. As North America's first producer of flake sea salt, Alaska Pure Sea Salt is quickly becoming the preferred finishing salt for a number of top northwestern chefs. What started out as a mere accident for owners Jim and Darcy Michener, has become a pursuit of passion. This long-time Alaskan couple developed and fine tuned their production to bring you a consistent, high-quality product that you can count on.