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Colline Salernitane Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP by DeNigris
We are very excited to offer you this exceptional, award-winning olive oil for our September selection! On April 18th, the New York International Olive Oil Competition announced "DeNigris is one of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils for 2013." The New York Olive Oil Competition is held each April, where over 700 extra virgin olive oils from all over the world are tasted by a leading panel of international experts. Only the "best in the world" receive awards. This year’s blind tasting panel of 15 expert judges, from 10 countries, awarded DeNigris’ D.O.P. Colline Salernitane Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a Gold Medal.

Produced in the area of Positano and Paestum (Salerno, Italy), this D.O.P. Colline Salernitane Extra Virgin Olive Oil exhibits a unique fruity yet mildly bitter taste and rich green notes with a slight peppery finish. It’s perfect for sautéing, over vegetables, salads, pasta, fish and shellfish as well as for finishing farro, potatoes and in soups. The Salernitane Hills (Colline Salernitane) are world recognized as the Capital of Olive Oil. The volcanic soil, mild climate fostered by the sea and hot summers with little rain make it the ideal area for cultivating olives of extremely fine and highly developed character. Rich in Polyphenols (antioxidants) and derived from only indigenous olive varieties, which have been present in this geographic region for centuries, this is the undisputed Queen of all Olive Oils!