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Truffled Cavi-Art Vegetarian Kelp Caviar
Enjoy the rich, earthy flavor of French Black Truffles with Cavi-Art Truffled Caviar. We love this kelp caviar as a garnish over sliced avocado, or to make a truffled pasta sauce. Cavi-Art is a delicacy made of seaweed that looks and tastes like real caviar. Its fine consistency and delicious flavor is making it a hit in its home of Denmark, as well as with chefs across Europe. Cavi-art is a great garnish, since Cavi-art products do not discolor and bleed into your dishes the way traditional caviar does. This allows you to safely decorate your dish in advance without any risk of altering its appearance. This makes Cavi-art products especially suitable for the decoration of sandwiches, pasta courses, fish courses, soups etc. Plus, Cavi-art products do not go rancid, or change in taste even after the opening of a jar, as each flavor of Cavi-art has a shelf life that matches that of preserved fruits and pickled vegetables.

Chefs also love Cavi-Art, because the products will stand high temperatures and therefore have a wide range of use - your imagination is the only limit. And for the health-conscious, Cavi-art is a vegetable product that's low-fat, low-salt and cholesterol-free. The product is very environment-friendly since only a few percent of the brown seaweed plant's growth is harvested each year. The production of Cavi-art therefore does not contribute to the depletion of the fish stock in the seas. So try a flavor or two today and begin exploring your artistic side!

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Size: 500 grams