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French Coffee Blends in Glass Jar
Packaged in a beautiful and reusable Weck canning jar, these stylish coffees offer a taste of Parisian sophistication. The French Farm Collection is produced and manufactured by a small company in Paris, France, where they have created and packaged unique gourmet coffee blends for over 40 years. The following coffee blends are available:
  • Cafe Maison: The signature house blend is the perfect combination of Central American and Indonesian coffees. The cup is smooth with strong body and mild acidity, perfect for any time of day.
  • Cafe Noir: This dark roast tantalizes the taste buds with its slight smokiness, bold, flavor, and minimal acidity. The full body and smooth savor allow you to enjoy the lingering soft caramelized sugar after-taste.
  • Cafe Petit Dejeuner: Wake up with the enticing aroma of this Central and South American blend. Clean and crisp with a bright acidity and medium body.
Varieties Sold Separately.