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Bovetti French Pasta
Walter Bovetti established the famous Bovetti chocolate facotory in 1994 in Terrasson, France. Originally from Piemont, Italy, Walter was very familiar with the manufacture of pasta, spending the Sundays of his childhood in the kitchen with his father, making pasta for his small restaurant. This is where he developed his passion for pasta and now creates unique shapes and flavors of all-natural, high quality pastas. We are proud to offer the following flavors:
  • Chocolate Fusilli: This unique pasta is not sweet, but flavored with natural cocoa for a rich, luxurious treat. Try it with cream sauce and chicken or fresh walnuts and basil. We love it with a spicy red sauce or paired with game in a red wine sauce.
  • Espelette Chili Hearts: This heart-shaped pasta brings a little kick with the Espelette chili pepper. We recommend pairing this pasta with a spicy sausage and red wine sauce.
  • Rosemary and Peppercorn Reginette: This well-seasoned pasta is wonderful with chicken and a lemon cream sauce, or use in a hearty stew.
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Out of Stock Varieties:Chocolate Fusilli, Rosemary and Peppercorn Reginette