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Slotts Senap Original Mustard
Founded in 1919, Slott's Mustard is the number one brand of mustard in Sweden. For everyday and special occasions, for adults and children - Slotts mustard is undoubtedly one of our most beloved and use condiments This the original variety - smooth, with just a hint of grain and spices, and mild, with a nutty finish. Product of Poland.

The history of Slotts started in 1885 with AG Holmgren and Ă„ttiksfabriken in Uppsala, Sweden. As the name suggests, they focused on vinegar, but around 1919 they began to also manufacture mustard. The initiative came from the factory's former manager, the German engineer Bruno Knebel. From home, he had brought with him an incredibly good mustard recipe, initially called Knebelpasta, which later came to be known as Slotts mustard.