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King Crab in Water by Don Bocarte
Prized the world over, Cangrejo Rojo Real is canned by the seafood masters at Spain's Don Bocarte. The king crabs are brought in directly from the northern seas. Using a meticulous production process, a robust flavour with a marine aftertaste has been achieved. An exquisite product full of nuances, this product is pefect for a true seafood lover. We love it drizzled with olive oil and served with a small splash of lemon. Each tin is 60% leg meat (patas) and 40% body meat (cuerpo)

Don Bocarte, located in the Spanish village of Santona, is famous for their artisanal canned seafood. It is here that they draw on their greatest natural resource, the Bay of Biscay. The bay is a wild and open sea exposed to heavy swell. Its waters are influenced by the Gulf Stream, varying the salinity and temperature at different times of year. With this variation, the characteristics of the fish and even the species caught varies.