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Amarena Panettone by Fabbri
This rich, all-butter panettone is specially baked by Scarpato in the Verona region of Italy using Amarena Fabbri and beautifully packaged with the Fabbri motif. Beautifully packaged in a microfiber peach skin bag displaying the Fabbri Design. A powdered sugar packet is included to complete the presentation. Fabbri began as a distillery in Portomaggiore (at the time, a small settlement in the Province of Ferrarra), Italy in 1905. Gradually they began turning out their first syrups sold in demijohns under the firm's label with a courtesy ceramic jar designed by the famous ceramist designer of Bologna, Minghetti. After trial, pieces of the jar eventually took the current form and color with the design by renowned ceramist of Faenza, Gatti, inspired by ancient blue and white Chinese drawings. Amarena Fabbri is the symbol of the company and has granted its success. Only the best wild cherries are carefully selected and stoned, then candied in wild cherry syrup according to Gennaro Fabbri's original recipe.