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Mangalitsa Bacon by Mosefund Farm
Mangalitsa, an heirloom breed of pig once reserved for Austrian royalty, beckons back to a time when hogs were valued for their rich, flavorful fat. Unfortunately, this heritage hog was on the verge of disappearing, as people looked for leaner hogs in sacrifice of flavor. But thanks to the work of grass-roots breeder associations, this hog is coming back! If you're a bacon connoisseur, Mangalitsa Bacon will change your life. This thick, fatty bacon is not for those looking for bland, lean cuts of supermarket fodder. Rich in the "good" fat and high in Omega 3 fatty acids, Mangalitsa fat is mostly monounsaturated and this bacon is full of it! This bacon comes from hogs that are allowed to live outdoors on Mosefund Farm in NJ, on the edge of the Pocono forest. Rich, smoky, meaty and thick cut to showcase the fat, meat flavor and texture, we recommend not cooking this bacon too crisp, lest you lose out on all that makes this bacon coveted.

Each 12 oz. package contains an average of 10 slices.