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Wild Pecan Rice
This naturally grown long grain rice comes from Acadian country in New Iberia, Louisiana. The Conrad Rice Mill was built in 1912 and is the oldest working mill in the U.S. They still use turn of the century equipment to process their rice. This means the bran is removed slowly, in three steps to be exact, instead of the one step of modern mills. This is one of the important factors to making this rice so exceptional. It is called Wild Pecan rice, but it is not a wild rice and it contains no pecans. Because the rice is partially milled it retains some of the bran, as a result it has a nutty flavor. With a texture more akin to wild rice than long grain, this hybrid rice is chewy, aromatic and nutty. Try Konriko Wild Pecan Rice with any Cajun dish, especially gumbo, with barbecued food, or turkey, even try it in place of Basmati rice.