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Castillo de Canena First Day of Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Every year, Castillo releases a new First Day of Harvest XV olive oil, in both arbequina and picual, with an elegant label designed by a well-known Spanish artist. Since 1780, the Castillo de Canena estate has been producing exceptional oils in the Guadalquivir Valley of Andalusia in the south of Spain. Their Family Reserve oils are produced from olives that have been harvested early, a process that requires twice the amount of olives and renders an oil of exceptional quality, taste, and aroma. The arbequina oil has a sweet almond and green apple flavor, while the picual oil has a full green olive flavor with hints of tomato and fresh cut grass. This product has been produced free of gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, and genetically engineered ingredients.

Varieties sold separately.