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Pedro Ximenez Sherry Vinegar by Arvum
Pedro Ximénez wine adds a touch of sweetness and a rich full flavor to this sherry vinegar from the region of Jerez. A perfect ingredient for seasoning, marinades and sauce reductions. This exceptional semi-sweet vinegar is produced from sherry vinegar combined with rich, late-harvest Pedro Ximenez grapes grown in the south of Spain. It adds a rich, fruity flavor to all dressings and marinades, or use it as a base for a zesty demi-glace.

The Solera aging process is the traditional system of aging sherry wine and vinegar. This time honored aging and blending process insures that quality vinegar is produced consistently from year to year. To earn the Reserva distinction, the vinegars must be aged in oak casks for at least two years. The Arvum Solera is older than 40 years.