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Greek Capote Capers in Sea Salt
Imported from Greece, these salt-packed capers easily enhance a number of dishes. The term "capote" relates to the size of the caper, indicating that they range from 9mm to 11mm in diameter. This is large for a caper, compared to non-pareils which run smaller than 7mm. Enjoy them in salads, stews or with salmon or other fish dishes. If they are too salty for your palate you may soak them in cold water.

Caper bushes grow wild around the Mediterranean, flourishing in the same climates as olives, and in fact, we have come to recognize the flavor of a caper as classic Mediterranean. They are cultivated and collected in their natural range - in Greece as well as the south of France, Italy, Dalmatia, Spain, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

Certified Kosher.