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French Fruit Preserves by Maison Francis Miot
Since 1985, World Champion Jam Maker Francis Miot has been turning his love for gourmet jam and his unlimited creativity into wonders in a jar. His single fruit and unique combination jams are created to seduce and surprise, with strong and unexpected natural flavors and low sugar content. Flavors include:
  • Sweet Heart: This flavor will make jam lovers fall in love. Apricot, peach, mango and passion fruits are mixed with a touch of Champagne. It all comes together to produce a delicious mix. This jam received the Blue Ribbon at the Intersuc Show in Paris in 2000!
  • La Parisienne: Eexperience the perfect recipe of red fruits (strawberry and Griotte cherry) with a gourmet touch of the very famous poppy flower candy from Nemours. Full of flavors, "La Parisienne" was created as a tribute to the French elegance that incarnates Paris!
  • Fruits of the Forest: The Fruits of the Forest jam is a nice mix of strawberries, raspberries, mountain wild blueberries and blackberries. Strong in taste and flavor with a low sugar content.
  • 3 Red Fruits: 3 Red Fruits is a mix of strawberries, raspberries and sour cherries. Whole when cooked, these fruits create a perfect mix to offer you the flavor of our beautiful gardens and forests!
  • Strawberry: Francis Miot's strawberry jam recipe is made with the "Senga Sengana" variety of strawberry. This variety is renowned for keeping its strong fruit flavor throughout the jam making process. It will surely enhance the taste of your toasts, desserts and snacks.
  • Fig: This recipe is created from a mix of figs and violets. It is cooked down from whole fruits to keep all their flavors!
  • Orange: ​This orange preserve is cooked with generous "Navelate" oranges. The oranges are harvested when ripe in the Spanish region of Valencia. These are the noblest oranges with a lot of juice and pulp, and a naturally sweet taste!
  • Raspberry: This jam is cooked down from the "Willamette" variety of raspberry. Williamettes are beautiful round raspberries with an intense red color and a delicious taste.
  • Rhubarb: A very traditional jam recipe in France that celebrates the glory of the Rhubarb. Rich in fibers and antioxidants, it will recharge your batteries while treating your palate with a delicious jam!
  • Plum: ​This is a Quetsche plum jam, also known as "Damas plum" which is the original fruit used to make prunes. This delicious recipe will help boost your energy due to its many virtues.
These jams are the perfect topping to enhance crepes, waffle, pastry or simple toast. They can also be used as a sweetener for yogurt, oatmeal, or any other breakfast or snack preparation. ​No matter how you decide to use them, it will be a treat to the palate.

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