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Black Pepper and Garlic Uncured Bacon
Pepper, Garlic, and Pork - a perfect combination! This savory bacon is perfect when you want a bacon that's not maple-syrup sweet. We love it in a quiche, with mustard greens, or topping a cobb salad. Aux Delices des Bois' thick, crispy slices of country bacon balance meat and fat. Made from humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free pigs, no artificial nitrates or artificial additives are ever used. In the pan, this bacon shows its business side. It doesn't shrivel up like an old apple; it stays hearty and filling. Plus, the reserved drippings make a flavored base for other dishes.

Small farms in central PA are dedicated to providing lots of TLC, a healthy diet, and personal oversight throughout the pork production process. Compared to mass-produced product, these pigs are raised in a dignified, clean, and comfortable environment - think summer camp for piglets!

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Size: 10 ounces