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Vermont Cultured Butter - Slightly Salted
The gastronome Curnonsky was offered a lifetime of revenue to say margarine could one day replace butter. He responded, 'Nothing will replace butter.' We agree. That's why we offer Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter, made the old-fashioned way with an imported French culture to 'ripen' the best fresh Vermont cream before it is churned into butter with 86% butterfat. This butter is made with only .33% salt (one-sixth the salt of standard salted butter). The result is a sweeter, more complex and more pleasing taste. Referred to in French as demi-sel, Vermont Cultured Butter is an all-purpose, full-flavored butter, ideal for every type of cooking and baking.

This product is KOF-K certified Kosher.

Awarded 2nd Place in the American Cheese Society 2007 Awards in the Unsalted Cow's Milk Butters category.