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Blackberry Merlot Flavored Whole Bean Coffee
Exceptionally opulent, this Blackberry Merlot taste sensation will burst across your palate with intense fruit flavor reminiscent of sun-ripened, high grown blackberries. A background of velvety floral overtones round off a smooth, rich finish. This sensational new flavored coffee leaves you wondering, "Should I pour it in my coffee cup or into a wine glass? This flavored coffee is based on a 100% Colombian Supremo body. All Kaffe Magnum Opus coffees are flavored at 3% concentration, compared to the industry standard of 2%. This results in a fuller flavor and more intense coffee drinking experience.

Kaffe Magnum Opus really started as an aroma in 1955 or so, in an A and P store in East Rockaway, Long Island. Bob Johnson, the person who started Kaffe Magnum Opus was then only 10, but had the enviable task of grinding the coffee for his parents' home use. "I always remember the aroma", says Bob. "That aroma hit me again in the Galleria Mall in Philadelphia in 1989 and I decided there and then to change my life completely." After 23 years in finance, Bob followed the aroma into the coffee business and started Kaffe Magnum Opus in 1991, as a store - Coffee Time - in, Vineland, New Jersey. The cafe building became the Headquarters and roasting plant for Kaffe Magnum Opus in 1996 when Kaffe Magnum Opus emerged. Freshness is king in the coffee business and Kaffe Magnum Opus only roasts to order. Even in its new facility with larger roasting equipment, the focus is on roasting batches. This insures freshness in every delicious, aromatic cup.

Certified Kosher by KSA.