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Size: 4 pounds
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Chevrelait - Whole Form
The name is a bit corny, but at least it's accurate. Chevrelait, pronounced like the American car company, is the combination of the French words "Chevre" - meaning "goat", and "Lait" - meaning "milk". We discovered this brand new smoked goat's milk cheese while in Holland not too long ago. Similar in looks to Dutch Smoked Gouda, it is a log-shaped cheese with an edible brown rind and a pale white interior. That is where the similarity ends, however, as Chevrelait tastes decidedly "goaty". If you like the taste of traditional chevre, you'll find Chevrelait to be a familiar, yet unique alternative.
  • Made from pasteurized processed goat's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 4 lb. form of cheese.