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A l'Olivier Toasted Almond Oil
The A L'Olivier story began in 1822, in the Marais, right in the heart of Paris, when Monsieur Popelin (who was a pharmacist at the time) set up a stall to sell olive oil. It soon earned a reputation for outstanding quality, won two medals at the 1867 and 1889 Universal Exhibitions, branched out into other oil varieties and ultimately emerged as the specialist for top-quality oils.

A L'Olivier almond oil is an exceptional product. Its strong grilled almond flavor is unique and is particularly suited to preparations using duck. We warmly recommend the Duck Carpaccio with almond oil or smoked duck fillet salad. It is also the perfect accompaniment to avocadoes with vinaigrette. We recommend the use of classic mature wine vinegar for this.