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Organic Dried Watermelon
Ever tried dried watermelon before? Ever actually hear of dried watermelon? Us neither! These unique and sweet fruits come to us from Uzbekistan, but they're USDA certified organic, raw, and kosher! They taste like a cross between a normal watermelon, fluctuating back-and-forth between bites of intense sweetness and slightly vegetal flavors from the rind. Each package contains a thick wedge of pressed, dried watermelons. Try these unusual fruits chopped up into yoghurt or blended in a smoothie.

Nutritionists have long touted the health benefits of raw foods. The "Raw" logo indicates that the food was not heated above 118 F, which is the temperature at which many beneficial enzymes are believed to be destroyed. Raw foods contain more usable nutrients than their "cooked" counterparts, along with being easily absorbed by the body.

Certified Kosher by Earth Kosher under Rabbi Zecharyah Tzvi Goldman.

No added sugar!