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Organic Pici Pasta Nests by Morelli
Pici is a simple pasta that is similar to spaghetti, but it is made in much longer strands that are twisted into neat little coils before drying. When they are cooked, they once again separate into individual strands. We've been looking for some good Pici outside of eating them fresh in Italy, and we've finally found them. These simply look good, but serving and eating them brings you over the top, especially if you've been to Siena. Imported from Italy, this large and impressive pack features homey-looking bundles of dried pasta. Made of durum wheat semolina and water, the pici pasta nests are slow-dried at low temperatures to allow its ingredients to remain unaltered and to conserve their original flavor. Because of this, look out for the cooking time as they require 20 minutes for al dente. The porous nature of these pici nests makes them the perfect foil for any type of sauce. They're excellent with truffle cream, garlic and chilies sautéed in olive oil, basil pesto, or a simple tomato-basil sauce.