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Moscatel Vinegar by Castell de Gardeny
In 1908, Agusia Badia i Badia founded Castell de Gardeny in Mollerussa, Spain. It was originally set up as a winery devoted to selling high quality wines and vinegars. This Moscatel vinegar is made with sweet wine from the white grape muscatel variety. Muscatel grapes are a key component of many types of sherry, along with blended table wines. It is a smooth, bittersweet vinegar with a characteristic golden color, and a touch of sophistication. All of Badia's vinegars are made with the 150 year-old Schutzenbach method, which emphasizes the pure flavor of the finished product--not a quick production time like many industrial vinegars. Great with salads, shellfish, blue fish and also with desserts and nuts. We especially recommend strawberries tossed with muscatel vinegar.