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Toscana In Tavola Pasta Sauce
Toscana In Tavola is a small company located in Castellina Marittima in the province of Pisa in Tuscany. The recipes they use are local family recipes, so the authentic flavors really shine in their sauces. In order to achieve this quality, all of the sauces contain only the best, high-quality chopped tomatoes from the Vesuvio Valley in the Campania. Neither a bit of tomato concentrate nor any lyophilised aroma are used for these sauces. Premium olive oil helps the cooks complete their sauces, adding, at tasting time (just like at home), a bit of salt or a bit of sugar; this way they make up for the acidity grade of the product (like a granny used to do) so that the use of chemical agents is avoided.
  • Piccante Arrabbiata: Mediterranea Piccante "Sugo all'Arrabbiata" is very popular among all Italian families. Tosacana In Tavola uses fresh chopped tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, the best olive oil and a lot of fresh red hot pepper.
    The ideal pasta for Arrabbiata sauce is Fusilli, Rigatoni or Spaghetti. You can also sauce your meat loaf or Pesce alla Livornese (Fish Livorno style) with this sauce.
  • Tomato Eggplant: Again,Toscana uses only the best chopped tomatoes, local eggplants and the best olive oil, which adds a zesty accent to the recipe. Excellent on Fusilli, Rigatoni and Penne Rigate. To add an extra measure of goodness, add some crumbed mozzarella cheese and warm the whole thing in the oven until the mozzarella is melting au gratin to create "pasta al forno" (pasta in the oven).
  • Mushroom: Fresh Italian mushrooms are added to make a hearty, rich textured and tasty pasta sauce for everyday meals. This is probably one of the most common sauces in Italy.
  • Olive: Green Italian olives are added to make a zesty, tangy pasta sauce for friends and family. Great over just about any cut of pasta.
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