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Dried Black Valentine Beans by Community Grains
Similar to kidney beans in flavor and flexibility, Black Valentine beans can easily be substituted in all your favorite kidney bean recipes. All of Community Grains beans are full-flavored heirloom beans, not hybridized for industrial production. They are conventionally grown by the fifth generation northern California farmers of Mohr-Fry Ranch in Lodi. Community Grains beans are all hand sorted and treated with care.

In the beginning, Community Grains interest was in Italian heritage varieties of corn for polenta and wheat for pasta. It was a simple idea: if grains were grown nearby, diners could have a richer experience, and make better food. That simple idea turned out to be a lot more complicated than they’d anticipated. Growing great food is an interdependent system: farmers need to assess what is best to grow for their area and how to grow it, as well as the different ways to manage soil. With grains, problems of storage, milling, and distribution are an additional consideration. And of course, home cooks, commercial producers, and bakers must be adequately informed of the new properties of these improved flours.

Community Grains aims to help rebuild a local grain economy in northern California. In addition to offering superior grains, they intend to provide an information-base for understanding grains, milling, and flour use. Community Grains aim to facilitate the development of local grains that are healthy and delicious, and educate by sharing information, forming relationships, and strengthening their local community in northern California through good food.