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Oregon Meadowfoam Raw Honey
This single-varietal Raw Oregon Meadowfoam Honey is soft and sweet with notes of caramelized custard and a hint of burnt sugar. Meadowfoam flowers (Limnanthes alba) are marshflowers that have been traditionally grown as an oil seed plant. They do well in poor soil, adapting easily to harsh terrain. In bloom, the apiary moves the hives around the fields of Meadowfoam to collect their rare nectar. The resulting honey is an especially nuanced and intense product!

Bee Raw Honey offers raw, unfiltered, varietal honey for the American table. They source each honey from family-owned apiaries across the country, and each variety is derived from a single floral source, giving it distinct color, flavor and aroma.

  • No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger.