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Organic Fair Trade Timor Atsabe Whole Bean Coffee
This organic, single-origin coffee comes from the Atsabe village in East Timor. A medium roast, this coffee offers notes of chocolate with light acidity. Timor is located between Australia and Sulawesi, where it used to be controlled by Indonesia until a few decades ago. It was then that USAID grants helped to develop the rural economy and create coffee as a cash crop for local growing cooperatives.

Unlike many coffees, Timor's beans are cultivated from a unique cultivar of the coffee plant. Today, the Timor varietal is also grown with the hybrid of a Timor and Caturra bean cross, called the Catimor. These beans keep their unique character through the roasting process, retaining their spicy, full flavor.

Certified Kosher by Vaad ha Kashruth of Springfield, Massachusetts. Whole Bean Coffee.