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Pure Cherry Seed Oil
One of the most unique oils we’ve ever come across, this gourmet cherry seed oil is produced at the Stöger farm in Neuruppersdorf, Austria. This pure Cherry Seed Oil is made from slowly roasted sour cherry seeds and then cold pressed to exacting European standards to ensure the richest, sweetest flavor. Finish enticing desserts, use in salad dressings or drizzle over cheese, bread or chocolate! You may find it becomes your secret ingredient! Please note the smoke point is 260 degrees (compared to 375 F for olive oil), so this oil should not be used in high-heat cooking applications.

After scouring the exhibit halls at the Winter Fancy Food Show, a panel of food writers and journalists selected Stöger Oils as one of the Top Five Food Trends for 2013. That’s from a field of 80,000 products from over 35 countries. So what makes Stöger oils the must-have food? It’s simple: taste. Stöger oils are pressed from seeds. Only the finest quality seeds are chosen so the taste is pure, intense and addictive. It takes an incredible amount of seeds to create each bottle – for example, 5.5 pounds of pumpkin seeds produces only 34 ounces of pumpkin seed oil. Lovingly produced by the Stöger family in Neuruppersdorf, Austria, their seed oils surpass any available on the market today. Stöger Seed oils strike the perfect balance between good health and culinary indulgence.