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Amarena Cherries by Toschi - 18 ounce
A classic topping for Italian gelato, consider these intensely sweet and flavorful Amarena cherries as the gourmet upgrade from Maraschinos. The Amarena is a type of cherry with a sour and refreshing taste that grows in the Vignola area of Italy. It is a summer fruit that is ripe for picking in July. Carefully selected and pitted, Toschi's Amarena Cherries are direct from the mountains of Vignola. Today, just as sixty years ago, they are sweetened and ready to garnish desserts, cakes and 'semifreddi' (ice-cream cakes) and to embellish ice-cream. These sweet delights are perfect to garnish cocktails, ice cream, smoothies and slushies. Here you'll find them luxuriously packed in a decorated white jar.