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Firemans Moutarde de Meaux by Pommery
Nicknamed "the firemen's mustard," this version of the classic Pommery mustard get a spicy and aromatic addition of red chile pepper. It was in the year 1760 that a superior of the ancient religious order of Meaux transmitted to the Pommery family the secret recipe of their marvelous specialty "Moutarde des Chanoines, the "Abbots Mustard". This mustard has been served at the table of the kings of France since 1632.

The Pommery family has carefully guarded the secret of this recipe. The mustard is made of natural products only, which lend to its exquisite flavor and subtle aroma. It enhances the culinary art and excites the appetite. Brillat Savarin called it the mustard for gourmets and said: "if it isn't Meaux, it isn't mustard."