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Drumgray Highland Cream Fudge in Tin
Drumgray Highland Cream Fudge is made by adding Mrs Walkers Drumgray Highland Cream Liqueur, to the Gardiner family's original highland recipe, a closely guarded secret. Gardiners of Scotland est. 1949 is a long-established family run business, which specializes in a wide range of traditional Scottish confectionery. From fudges and butterscotch to more exotic flavours, including a range of Finest Scotch Whisky fudges. This fudge is laced with Drumgray's a classic spirit with a fascinating story. This wonderfully decadent cream liqueur was originally the well kept secret of Drumgray Farm, hidden deep in the Scottish countryside. The story tells of how Mrs. Walker spent her long winter nights preparing a recipe that would warm her husband’s heart. Offering him something a little more indulgent than his favorite dram, Deanston Single Malt, she gathered a fine selection of hand-picked wild herbs and fused these with Deanston Single Malt Whisky and the finest Scottish cream keeping the rest of the recipe as her own little treasure. Before long, the whole village had heard about this wonderful liqueur and would ask her to prepare a little in exchange for cakes or scones. Through time, Drumgray Farm was a talking point and her product became known as the Essence of the Highlands. The result, what we now call Drumgray Highland Cream is a closely guarded secret that is certainly worth discovering.

Contains approximately 30 individually wrapped pieces.