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Organic Dried Smoked Ghost Chili - Whole Pods
Imported from India, these smoked, dried Ghost Chilies are fiery, authentic, and organic! The Bhut Jolokia pods are dried whole and flavored by smoke which gives them a great taste, similar to chipotles. A little goes a long way to spice up your chili and other dishes. Use the Ghost Pepper to spice up soups, stews, chili, meat marinades, or even a fierce and feisty bloody mary! In 2007, the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed the Ghost Chili as the hottest chili pepper in the world. Ghost Chilis have a heat rating of approximately 1,000,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). Jalapenos are only rated at approximately 5,000 SHU, and Habaneros around 100,000 SHU. This Ghost Chili is HOT!

Each bag contains approx 13-16 dried, whole smoked peppers.