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Organic Dried Smoked Ghost Chili - Crushed
Imported from India, these smoked, dried Ghost Chilies are fiery, authentic, and organic! The Bhut Jolokia pods are dried whole and flavored by smoke which gives them a great taste, similar to chipotles. A little goes a long way to spice up your chili and other dishes. Use the Ghost Pepper to spice up soups, stews, chili, meat marinades, or even a fierce and feisty bloody mary! In 2007, the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed the Ghost Chili as the hottest chili pepper in the world. Ghost Chilis have a heat rating of approximately 1,000,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). Jalapenos are only rated at approximately 5,000 SHU, and Habaneros around 100,000 SHU. This Ghost Chili is HOT!