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French Almond Cake (Delice de L'Amandier)
The Délice de l’Amandier is a delicately flavoured and irresistibly moist cake. The key to its melt-in the- mouth texture lies in its exceptional ingredients including almonds from the Mediterranean basin, Charentes-Poitou AOC churn butter, and pure vanilla extract.

No preparation is required: these gluten free cakes are ready to eat and great to share with friends! Perfect for dessert or at teatime. The original and practical design of its packaging ensures the cake stays fresh, meaning it can be kept for longer without any preservative!

For six generations, the passion for local products has been passed on from father to son in the Bédouin family. It all started with Joseph Bédouin. One day in 1833, he started selling local products in the village of Visan in Provence: almonds, lime blossom, apricot stones, cherry stalks and more. However, it would be almonds that would win the hearts of later generations. Whole, powdered, flaked or ground, almonds were a favourite among Provencal bakers, confectioners, ice-cream makers and nougat producers.

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